Music Curriculum Overview for Semester 1, 2017

Mrs Lynch will be taking the Music classes for the Prep     

students and Mr Rouse will continue to conduct all other Music classes.

Grades 1 and 2


This semester in music the grade 1 and 2 students will be exploring the musical elements of beat, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony and melody through learning the ukulele, keyboard and basic drumming.

They will extend their understanding of these elements through singing, exploring and responding to different styles of music.

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After School Music Group

Mr Rouse, Mr Gilpin and Leigh Enright will be running after school music lessons for students for guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard from grade 3 to 6. These classes are aimed at getting the children familiar with the instruments. They will be grouped according to skill level to ensure a targeted teaching approach appropriate to their needs. Click here for more information.


After School Ukulele Club

Mr Gilpin and Mr Rouse will be running after school ukulele lessons for students in Grade 1 and 2. These classes are aimed at getting the children familiar with the instrument and its chord structures. 

The group has come about due to the number of parents who have enquired about their child joining Guitar Group. Unfortunately Guitar Group is only offered to students from grades 3 to 6 because of the size of the instrument and the vast number of students in these cohorts. Ukulele is the perfect instrument to play before moving onto the guitar (strumming, chords, plucking, using a pic, understanding the fretboard…). Click here for more information.