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2018 Shopper's Cards now on sale, only $5!


Want to go to the movies? Our Sun Theatre discount gives you $4 off an adult movie ticket every single time you use it.


Want your kids to have a nice, long nap? Take them to Airodrome for 2-for-1 jump sessions (see image below for terms and conditions).


Want to enjoy delicious brunch for 10% less than what you'd normally pay? Flash your shopper's card at any of local cafes listed.


Need to feed your pet? Get 15% off premium cat and dog food at the new Habitat pet store in Altona North.


This and MUCH more is on offer with our 2018 Shopper's Card. You can buy them from the school office for just $5.



Stay Connected to the Friends and Families Committee


Join the Friends and Families Committee private Facebook group to stay updated on Committee activities.


The Committee has also created a new Facebook group for APS parents who are makers of things and are handy with sewing, cooking, baking, woodworking, etc.


The purpose of the group is to have a place for general discussion about various crafty projects parents may get involved in (eg creating items to sell at the Mother's and Father's Day stalls). Join us on Facebook at APS Makers and Bakers.



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2018 Term Dates

Term 1: 29 January (school teachers start) to 29 March (Thursday)

31 January Children to commence

5 February Prep students to commence full time 

Term 2: 16 April to 29 June
Term 3: 16 July (Student free day) to 21 September
Term 4: 8 October to 21 December